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IndiceValueTrend +/-
FTSE Italia All-Share-1.78%-
FTSE Italia Mid Cap-2.25%-
FTSE Italia STAR-1.67%-
FTSE MIB-1.76%-


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Dollaro USA1.1819-
Lira sterlina0.9075+
Franco svizzero1.0719+
Dollaro australiano1.6592+
Dollaro canadese1.558+
Dollaro di Hong Kong9.1598-


Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory among 13 to be named Nov 28

Pope Francis to name first Afro-American cardinal

Washington DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory is to become the first Afro-American cardinal in the history of the Catholic Church.

They must be legally covered, says Francis in new documentary

Pope opens to civil unions for gay couples

Pope Francis says in a new documentary presented at the Rome Film Fest Wednesday that "homosexuals have the right to be part of a family, they are children of God and are entitled to a family," according to the Catholic News Agency.

I am distant but close with my heart says Francis

Pope apologises for not coming close to faithful during audience

Pope Francis on Wednesday apologised to the faithful for not being able to come close during his weekly general audience because of COVID-19 prevention measures.

Reinhard Genzel helped find supermassive object at galaxy centre

Pope Francis taps 2020 physics Nobel laureate for academy

Pope Francis on Thursday named 2020 Nobel physics laureate Reinhard Genzel to be an honorary member of the Pontifical Academy of Science. Professor Genzel is director of the Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics at Garching in Germany.

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