Coronavirus: Serie A to take 30% pay cut

TopNews. The Lega di Serie A agreed Monday for all clubs bar Juventus, which has its own deal, to take a 30% pay cut for players and staff until the end of the coronavirus emergency, and 60% if the championship manages to be completed in the next few months.

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'Risk of calamity' says Francis

Pope Francis appeals for action on overcrowded prisons

Pope Francis appealed about overcrowding in Italian prisons Monday saying that there was the risk of a "calamity" unless the situation is eased amid the coronavirus emergency.

Coronavirus''They live hidden, the crisis highlights their suffering'

Coronavirus: Homeless situation hits heart says pope

The situation of the homeless amid the coronavirus emergency hits one hard, Pope Francis said Thursday.

Asks God to 'see our painful condition'

Pope conducts Universal Prayer for end of COVID-19

Pope Francis asks God to 'see our painful condition'

CoronavirusFrancis at Mass at Casa Santa Marta

Coronavirus: Pope thanks people who care for others

Pope Francis said at Mass at Casa Santa Marta Friday that "in these days we have got news of how many people are starting to concern themselves with others, thinking of families who don't have enough to eat, the elderly on their own, the sick in hospitals,...