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IndiceValueTrend +/-
FTSE Italia All-Share Index-1.10%-
FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index-1.18%-
FTSE Italia STAR Index-0.96%-
FTSE MIB Index-1.18%-


ValuteValueTrend +/-
Dollaro USA1.1138-
Lira sterlina0.8318-
Franco svizzero1.0378-
Dollaro australiano1.5971+
Dollaro canadese1.4239+
Dollaro di Hong Kong8.681-


They say it only happens to old people so why me, jokes Francis

Pope admits he is struggling to walk on inflamed knee

Pope Francis said Wednesday he was struggling to walk on an inflamed knee.

Voices spiritual closeness to tsunami-hit islanders

Pope Francis prays for Tonga

Pope Francis told his weekly general audience Wednesday that he was praying for the Pacific island nation of Tonga where a volcanic eruption on Saturday unleashed a deadly and devastating tsunami, killing at least three people.

Sorry but my leg hurts, Francis tells Holy Land delegation

Pope Francis stays sitting at audience due to pain in leg

Pope Francis remained seated at an audience in the Vatican for a delegation from the Holy Land Monday saying he had a pain in his leg.

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