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On International Anti-Corruption Day

Corruption is cancer that undermines dignity - pope

Corruption is a cancer that undermines personal dignity, Pope Francis said on the International day Against Corruption on Monday. "Corruption undermines the dignity of persons and shatters all good and beautiful ideals," he tweeted.

Targets are far from what is needed Francis tells conference

Pope blasts weak climate-crisis response in COP 25 message

Targets are far from what is needed Francis tells UN conference

Francis's message for Day of People with Disabilities released

Pope says disabled face too much prejudice, too many barriers

Pope Francis said disabled people are too often isolated by prejudice in his message for World Day of People with Disabilities. The Argentine pontiff said that many disabled people feel "they exist without belonging and without participating".

It weakens efforts to ease pain, pontiff

'Right to die' has no legal grounds, pope says

Pope Francis on Friday said sentences recognizing a disabled or elderly person's "right to die" or not to seek treatment have no legal grounds.

'Sincere and open in promoting bilateral ties' says FM spokesman

China 'appreciates' Pope's cordiality

China appreciates the "cordiality" of Pope Francis in voicing a desire to visit Beijing and is "open to exchanges with the Vatican", Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said Thursday. Geng said communication between the two sides remains "good".

Carmelo Barbagallo comes in amid London property scandal

Pope Francis names new head of Vatican financial authority

Pope Francis on Wednesday named a new head of Vatican financial information authority AIF after the previous one's tenure was not renewed following a scandal involving a London property deal allegedly funded with Peter's Pence.