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Italian women demonstrate for free and safe abortions

Amid concern over Meloni vow to offer 'alternative' to procedure

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 28 - Italian women on Wednesday demonstrated in 50 towns and cities across the country for the continued availability of free and safe abortions after pro-life Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader and general election winner Giorgia Meloni said during the election campaign she wanted to give women an alternative to abortion.
    Abortion is already hard to get in Italy due to the extremely high number of Catholic conscientious objectors among doctors in most regions, with percentages as high as 80-90%.
    Meloni, Italy's presumed next premier, said on the stump that while she "would not touch" the abortion law, she wanted people to know there were "other options".
    Among those demonstrating on World Day for Safe Abortions in Perugia Wednesday was a member of the Umbrian network for self-determination, gynecologist Marina Toschi.
    She said "the new Meloni government won't touch Law 194, she said it herself and it will probably be so, but it is enough not to apply it or to make the process difficult and impossible, not give information, close the consultancy clinics, change operators.
    "They won't do anything dramatic but they'll make life hard for women, who I hope, however, will still be able to help each other".
    Pro-life group Pro Vita & Famiglia said "today is the so-called international day for free, safe and free-of-charge abortion.
    But in fact the only 'sure' thing about abortion is that it kills an innocent child".
    It said only volunteers today offered women a way out of abortion and also cited health ministry figures saying a small number of women died during abortions.
    "We must help women and their unborn children" said the group.

The demos were led by the Italian Me Too movement, Non Una di Meno (Not One Woman Less).


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