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Ready to make choices at political cost says Meloni

Do right for nation, as shown with basic income repeal says PM

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 28 - The government is ready to make potentially unpopular choices that could cost it in electoral terms, Premier Giorgia Meloni said Monday.
    "If industry is doing well, then so is the nation the nation is doing well too: then it is up to politics to make synthesis and then it's up to politics to make a synthesis and take responsibility. I intend to take them on even if it costs us in electoral terms.
    We are ready to do what is right for the nation and not for us.
    This is demonstrated the choice made on the Citizenship Wage (anti-poverty and job seekers' basic Income benefit which is being radically reformed ahead of being abolished).
    "Reiterating with this choice that the government intends to rebuild a culture and work ethic, and to do so together with those who do enterprise and those who produce, is an important signal".
    Meloni was speaking on a video link to the general assembly of Confindustria Veneto East. (ANSA).


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