Ryder Cup: United Europe example for other spheres -FIG head

Chimenti says event will bring 'great benefits' to Italy

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 6 - The unity Europe shows when it takes on the United States in the Ryder Cup is an example that should be applied to other spheres, Italian Golf Federation (FIG) President Franco Chimenti said on Wednesday.
    The 2023 Ryder Cup is taking place from September 29 to 1 October next year at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club near Rome.
    "The Ryder Cup will be a stratospheric event, which will bring great benefits to Italy and to Rome," Chimenti said at the 'Italy Best Golf' event organized by the city of Rome.
    "It's an event that goes beyond sport, where 12 European players take the course together, side-by-side, under the same flag, brothers, in the challenge against the USA.
    "It is an example for the political sphere and for the whole world at such a difficult time.
    "The Ryder Cup will leave a big legacy in terms of sport and tourism, with the capital's hotels already full in view of a planetary event.
    "The Marco Simone Golf & Country Club will become a cult location". (ANSA).