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    • 18:01
    • 05 Jul

    N. Macedonia: Michel, 'yes' to mediation, negotiations now

    'But we are aware of concerns over national identity'
    • 09:13
    • 05 Jul

    Energy: Slovenian experts urge to label nuclear as 'green'

    Also ten ministries sign a letter for this purpose
    • 20:31
    • 03 Jul

    North Macedonia: government and opposition divided

    Unsuccessful Kovacevski-Mickoski. New protests in Skopje
    • 15:12
    • 01 Jul

    Bulgaria: cabinet crisis,Vassilev nominated to be the new PM

    Petkov withdraws his candidacy. Toward a new coalition
    • 19:50
    • 26 Jun

    Bulgaria: president, no unblocking veto N.Macedonia in EU

    Radev, Parliament signed a blank bill of exchange
    • 16:02
    • 24 Jun

    Bulgaria to lift veto on North Macedonia EU accession

    Parliament passes opposition motion
    • 13:31
    • 24 Jun

    Bulgaria MPs approve lifting veto on N.Macedonia EU talks

    Issue high on the agenda of an ongoing EU summit in Brussels
    • 13:30
    • 24 Jun

    In Sofia annual Copeam meeting on 'Media and global instability'

    Event brings together operators and executives
    • 13:29
    • 23 Jun

    Frustrated Balkans warn Ukraine over EU 'illusions'

    Balkan leaders are frustrated about stalled bids to join the EU
    • 12:07
    • 23 Jun

    Fresh turmoil for Bulgaria as govt loses confidence vote

    Increased likelihood of an early general election
    • 14:57
    • 21 Jun

    Bulgaria: political crisis, tension ahead of confidence vote

    Fiery debate in parliament, demonstrations in Sofia
    • 11:25
    • 19 Jun

    N. Macedonia protesters call for early elections

    Tens of thousands of opposition supporters marched in Skopje
    • 09:29
    • 17 Jun

    Migrants: Save The Children, EU protects minors

    Not just Ukrainians. Rejections and violence for those arriving
    • 11:36
    • 10 Jun

    Bulgaria: political crisis, President calls for a solution

    Radev, 'inflation, and war in Ukraine weigh on the country'
    • 08:53
    • 07 Jun

    Italian authorities seize 4.3 tons of cocaine

    People detained also in Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria