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Theater: Kafka's 'Trial' returns to Prague

Revisited by the choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti

07 June, 13:29
(by Marco Patricelli) (ANSA) - PRAGUE, JUNE 7 - The noir nuances of Franz Kafka's "Trial" are in the spotlight of the Prague State Theater, where Mozart's "Don Giovanni" debuted in 1787 (and where Miloš Forman shooted part of his "Amadeus"). This prestigious temple of culture hosts on June 13 the first of the 20th-century masterpiece revisited by Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, who also designed the costumes. "The show is rooted in my youthful passion for Kafka and his world. Bringing 'The trial' to Prague, after the experience of a few years ago in Hannover, is a really important test.", said the choreographer. In designing the choreographies, Bigozetti chose music from the ancient repertoire (Bononcini, Buxtehude, Gesualdo da Venosa, Monteverdi), pieces by Henryk Górecki and Modest Musorgskij. "Compared to Kafka's text - Bigonzetti underlined - there is a new character, the 'newspaper woman', played by Kristyna Nemečkova and Kristina Kornova, who embodies the media in today's society. I must say that in Prague I found very high professionalism in the soloists (Alina Nanu, Miho Ogimoto, Ondrej Vinklat, Giovanni Rotolo) and in the corps de ballet of the Czech National Ballet, who is in perfect harmony with my choreographical ideas." The Italian imprint of "The Trial" can also be found in the scene and in the lights of Carlo Cerri, author of the video projections, created with OoopStudio by Alessandro Grisenti and Marco Noviello. (ANSA).

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