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Italy wants Ukraine ceasefire, peace talks ASAP- Draghi

Kyiv will decide 'what peace to accept' premier tells Senate

19 May, 12:00
(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 19 - Premier Mario Draghi told the Senate on Thursday that Italy will do its utmost for a ceasefire in Ukraine as he reported to parliament on the war after meeting United States President Joe Biden at the White House last week.

"We have to achieve a ceasefire s soon as possible to stop the humanitarian crisis from getting worse and get negotiations going again," Draghi said. "That is the position of Italy, of the EU and one that I shared with Biden". But the premier also stressed that any settlement has to be acceptable to Kyiv.

"Italy will move with its European partners and its allies for all possible forms of mediation," Draghi said. "But Ukraine will decide what peace to accept, no one else. Peace without Ukraine would not be acceptable". (ANSA).

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