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Bishops supporting anti-gays laws are wrong, pontiff tells AP

'Homosexuality is not a crime' says Pope Francis

Bishops supporting anti-gays laws are wrong, pontiff tells AP

Pray to God for peace and reconciliation says Francis

Discord breeds discord, unity needed tweets Pope

Discord breeds discord and unity is needed, Pope Francis tweeted Monday. "The solution to divisions is not to oppose someone, because discord begets more discord," Francis said during the week of prayer for Christian unity.

God is loving father, does not deny anyone says Francis

God doesn't reject gays says Pope

God doesn't reject gays or any of his other children, Pope Francis says in a book out next week, sources said Friday. The statement is an echo of his famous response to a question on gay Catholics shortly after he became pope in 2013: "Who am I to judge.

Cannot be indifferent says after strike kills civilians inc kids

Pope Francis says 'heartbreaking grief' for Dnipro

Pope Francis told his weekly general audience in the Vatican Wednesday that he felt "heartbreaking grief" for the Russian missile strike that killed over 40 civilians at Dnipro in Ukraine.

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